Coastal trails near Saint Florent

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Nature seekers will love hiking the shore trails, called « Sentier des Douaniers» which run along Saint Florent bay. Easy to get to, these coastal paths are gorgeous spots for walking and admiring panoramic landscapes and protected wild flora!


Go to the end of the Roya Beach and take the « Sentier des Agriates » which stretches along the untamed Agriates desert and leads to the dream beaches of Lodu & Saleccia after a pit stop at the Genovese tower of Mortella.
It takes around 3h30 to get to Lotu from Fornali.


You can also take the shore trail which begins a few steps away from the hotel and reaches Farinole, passing by Patrimonio. Much less crowded than the very well-known first one, this trail will let you admire Saint-florent bay and will give you a glimpse of Cap Corse.
It takes around 1h30 to get to Farinole.


Tower of Mortella


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